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Building and operating a data center today – regardless of whether the site is enterprise owned, a colocation/multi-tenant site, cloud hyperscale or edge – is more challenging than ever. Equipment continues to be more compact and powerful, and compute utilization varies widely with workload. The result is higher density footprints demanding a varied and wider range of power and cooling support.

We at iSolutions help you with planning, design and installation of large and small data center solutions. We ensure a solution that best fits your business. We have extensive experience in both small and large installations in the Middle East region.

Raised Floor

Raised floor systems, also known as access floors, are an elevated structural floor that is stabilized over a solid substrate, typically a concrete slab. A raised floor system creates a gap ideal for running electrical wiring and HVAC ducts.

No matter how large or small your project is, iSolutions experts can provide cost-effective options in configurations that fit your needs. Let us provide you with design analysis recommendations and optimize your underfloor cable trays to maximize space and handle high head loads.

Advantages of a Raised Floor

– Raised Floors helps in Future Scalability
– Enhanced cooling Capabilities and Control
– Flexibility to Incorporate Energy Efficient Design Opportunities
– Easily Adapt to Technological and Client Changes
– Allows for Separation of Water, Power and Cable.
– Ability to Terminate Cables Where You Need To
– Reduced Operating Costs and Lower Facility and Maintenance
– Underfloor Service Distribution Space Keeps Interior Space
Clean and Neat



Intelligent Data Centers Start with Intelligent Racks.

When it comes to racks management solutions. We offer a vast array of intelligent rack solutions that improve the management and maintenance of critical IT equipment, resulting in increased efficiency and uptime.

Looking for server racks a bit more customizable? We can design the server racks enclosure or cabinet you’ve always dreamed about and get it to you in a few weeks. From micro design airflow cooling issues to macro data center design and deployment, we’ve got the expertise to make your ideas a reality while installing flexible solutions for continued growth.

Cable Rearrangement

Organize and handle large volumes of cables. Our range of cable management products meet your different needs to organize and handle large volumes of cables. Its wide range gives you a premium model with many functions and possibilities down to basic and economy models where economy is important without sacrificing quality.

Your Data Center is more than a space that simply houses servers and network equipment – it is a system. Within the Data Center, the various entities that make up the system work together to protect and manage both current and future equipment, the data transmitted, and the thousands of connections between servers and switches and the outlying areas of the network. All of these entities are interrelated and connected by the structured cabling system,

which designers and end-users are striving to design for better scalability, flexibility, manageability, availability and lower total cost of ownership.


Fire Fighting

We understand the challenges of fitting gaseous fire suppression systems into areas housing sensitive equipment and where business continuity is a critical factor. With the need to protect such assets, a reliable solution is required. Our response is twofold: time-proven agents that leave no residue and are safe for the protected equipment. Our systems may help reduce footprint, complexity, and the size of the pipe network. In short, our technology expands system flexibility, enabling engineers to accommodate gaseous fire suppression systems in a less obtrusive way while addressing the specific requirements of a protected area.

While doing data center design, iSolutions makes adequate arrangements to protect hardware and data of datacenter from any force majeure conditions like fire, flood. At iSolutions, We supply fire suppression systems that are equipped with specialized FM200 gas. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, FM200 poses no risk to human health and no significant reduction in oxygen levels. FM200 gas is effective within 10 seconds of discharge so that fires are rapidly extinguished before they spread.

fire fighting
data center

Data Center Cooling Solutions

Cooling solutions for IT equipment, from small network closets to enterprise data centers, today’s smaller server room environments are dealing with the growing needs for server rack densities. At one point in time, building HVAC systems were sufficient enough to handle the cooling requirements of these smaller computer rooms. The question is, how much cooling is really needed?

Simple cooling calculators are a quick and simple tool, however don’t tell the full story. Each server room is unique and requires a different approach.

Portable cooling units may work in some server rooms, while others may be too space restricted. In some cases an engineered computer room cooling system may be a more efficient, economical choices in the long run; while precision, in-rack cooling may be the best option in others. Not anymore. Server room cooling has become a much higher priority for today’s IT professionals. What’s for sure is that open doors with box fans pushing office air isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The data center cooling experts at 42U can help discover the best cooling solution for each and every data center, server room, and computer closet. Schedule your Server Room Power & Cooling Evaluation today to learn how you can jump start efficiency and capacity gains in your environment.

In from Precision Cooling

Conventional data center cooling floods an entire room with cold air-an approach that works well at minimal power densities. In-Row cooling offers capacity and efficiency gains by moving the air conditioner from the perimeter of the room closer to actual load. Installed on the floor or suspended from overhead, in-row cooling units provide local, focused cooling at the rows of server cabinets
which fill the data center.

High Density, High Efficiency
Distance is the cornerstone of inrow performance. Neither cool air nor warm exhaust air has far to travel, allowing the unity to dissipate high heat loads. Flexible Cooling Medium Inrow solutions, whether floor mounted or overhead, consist of fans and a cooling coil. Depending on the product, the cooling coil will utilize chilled water or refrigerants as the cooling medium.Refrigerant based units will require connection to a remote condenser system while chilled water based units traditionally connect to chiller systems.

– Adapts to all major manufacturers racks and rack containment systems.
– Suitable for new and existing data centers; easy to add units as you grow.
– Used in containment, open architecture and hot spot reduction applications.

high density cooling

High Density Cooling

High density closed-loop provides an inrow cooling approach to the server rack heat by integrating within a row of data center racks, therefore providing the most efficient cooling of your IT equipment. This type of cooling is best suited for racks typically 10-30kW or higher (up to 60kW) and small to medium sized data centers with dense loads. As well as high density POD rows in larger data centers requiring high density cooling.

Hot air is drawn from the rear of the servers into the side of the Side Cooling Unit by high-efficiency fans. Cooling the air via an air-to-water heat exchanger, the unit then blasts cold air back to the front of the servers where operating temperatures are reduced and the cycle continues. The capacity of each unit is scalable from 10 to 30kW simply by adding more fans — 10kW equals one fan with 30kW achieved with three fans. An added benefit is energy savings are increased as well.

Servers are cooled independently from ambient air within the data center so cooling can be adapted to the needs of individual servers or enclosures in a modular fashion. Adapting cooling capacity to a unit’s precise requirements provides for more efficient cooling and energy use.

The increased capacity is available within the same footprint as existing models — you can get 30kW cooling from a unit that’s still just 12-inches wide.

– Scalable to your current and future cooling needs
– Higher energy efficiency when compared to perimeter cooling systems
– Up to 30kW using water as warm as 59ºF water

Integrated Cooling

An integrated cooling system features the cooling unit inside the base of the rack. It is the most precise cooling available, as the rack and the air conditioner operate in a closed relationship with one another. Cold air has no choice but to pass through the servers and the hot air has no choice but to pass through the heat exchanger. Integrated cooling provides a computing environment that is thermally neutral to the rest of the room. These integrated solutions typically can only cool up to 3kW and are designed for small IT rooms and network rooms.

– Adapts to all major manufacturers racks and rack containment systems
– Installation on raised / non-raised floors
– Suitable for new and existing data centers; easy to add units as you grow

integrate cooling


The need for zero downtime. UPSs and power conditioners play a vital role in ensuring IT reliability. Any time a UPS fails and becomes unavailable, mission critical electrical loads are put at risk. The surest way to increase UPS availability is to have the correct design, use high quality components, ensure redundancy and eliminate downtime by minimizing MTTR (mean time to repair).

iSolutions Modular UPS designs minimize the system’s MTTR and with its Decentralized Parallel ArchitectureTM (DPA) allows the modules to work as one system but without interdependence. In the unlikely event of one UPS module failing, the overall system will continue to operate normally, but with one less module of capacity. The failed module will be fully disconnected and will not impact the operating modules.



Monitoring your environment has never been easier. iSolutions has more than 10 years of experience in protecting the most important data centers in the region. Protect your assets today using the world’s most popular temperature and environment monitoring products.

iSolutions provides environment monitoring systems for server rooms to monitor different factors inside the environment of the server room such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, power failure etc. Among the numerous parameters, some of the most important functions of a data center monitoring alert system are as follows:

Smoke | Smoke monitoring is a very important part of a server room monitoring System.

Temperature | The temperature in the server room generally tends to be on the higher side due to the heat production of the servers in the room. The temperature of each panel and server racks: It is possible that one particular rack is getting overheated.

Humidity | Electronic items can easily get damaged due to high humidity in the environment if they are exposed to high humidity for a long time.

Power failure | Power failure can stop very important operations running in a server room.

Water leakage | Water leakage in the server room can be a serious problem.

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring:

– Save on cooling by confidently raising temperature.
– Ensure uptime by monitoring airflow and air pressure to and from the racks.
– Improve data center uptime by receiving alerts.

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